Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Funnies...

Once upon a recent trip to the chiropractor...

Dr. Ben came in the room and was talking to Alanna to try to keep her from being afraid of him.
He asked her where her nose was, but she ended up pointing at mine instead.
Dr. Ben just decided to go with it.
Next he asked where mommy's mouth was.
She quickly pointed to it as well.
He then said, "do you know where your mouth is?"
Alanna pointed to her mouth and blew him a kiss.
Such a sweet girl.

Lastly, he says, "Alanna, where is your belly button?"
She proudly lifted her shirt and showed hers off.
She looked at me, but I was tightly holding my shirt down so Dr. Ben would not get a peek at my belly button.

Instead, little miss Alanna outsmarted me and went for the top of my shirt and proudly pulled it down 
and said "OOBIES!"

Did my chiropractor really just see my bra?!?

We no longer practice finding our "oobies" at home and you can me DARN SURE we won't discuss the name of the nether region any time soon either!!

Have a great day.

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