Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

On our little excursion to Dallas, Alanna and I got to stop and see some college friends of mine.

First up were Jon, Amber, and Jovie Reeves.
Amber was my college roommate for all 4 years.
The school randomly put us together as freshman and we were perfect for each other from the start!

She had a little girl named Jovie about 10 weeks before Alanna was born.  This was their first time to meet each other.  SUPER special for us!

Jovie is such a cutie.  She and Alanna had a lot of fun mimicking each other and taking drinks at the same time.  So fun!  I will not wait as long next time to get together with them.  Love you Reeves family!!

Next we got to go and spend the whole day with Baileigh!  She was never a roommate in college but she was definitely one of my besties.  This is girl is so much fun to be around.
 Next time I will know how to get to her house and won't get lost. 

It was SO GREAT to get to see my besties again. 
I love these girls.
We can always pick up right where we left off.

I'm so glad we live in the same state again!!

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