Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

"Mao", our very special friend:

Alanna's favorite thing in the world right now is her kitty.  She sleeps with her, takes her to the doctor, takes her to get adjusted at the chiropractor, and makes daddy and I kiss her goodnight when they go to bed.

She used to be a little gray kitty, but Alanna threw up on her and we had to put that one to sleep.
Now she is a pretty black kitty.

Alanna can't say "meow",  instead she says "mao"
We love it.  It's so cute.

Her dad made up this funny little story about Mao and sent it to me by email.  I thought I would share it...here's what he said.

I finally put two and two together...there's a spy in the house from....CHINA!
Yes it's MAO the kitty.  I thought it was just Alanna saying meow wrong, however she's too smart to be wrong.  The cat's real name must be MAO, and it confirms my fears.  The other day I saw MAO sitting on the toy box and for some reason all of her other stuffed animals were in a line towards the trash can!

HAHA! He's a funny guy...that man I married.


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