Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Frog Go Pee Pee" and the Cookies:

Cie-J invented the cutest game for Alanna last night in the bathtub.  It's called "Frog Go Pee Pee."  
Basically, he took a little rubber frog (think rubber ducky style) and squeezed it to fill it up with water.
Then he would say those magic words and make the frog squirt all over her tummy.  
She thought this was HYSTERICAL!!!

We got a super cute video of it but I'm not really one to post naked pics of my child on the world wide web.  Sorry.  Just trust me...it was cute.

On another note...I have been able to avoid the cute little girl scouts at the Wal-Mart entrance for several weeks in a row now.  It's SO hard, but I've been good.
THEN...one of the moms in my mom's club sends out a plea email saying that they ordered too many cookies and they need to sell them quickly.  
What's a good mom/friend to do?
My double chin got really excited and told me to order a box for hubby and two boxes for me!!

I told her to hush and reminded her that we have a high school reunion coming up!!

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