Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I love Wednesday:

 I love looking in the rear view mirror of the car and seeing this...
Not only is it the cutest little head in the world (and boots!), but it's also the safest little head in the world.  

We have chosen to leave Alanna rear facing in her car seat until she is at least two and possibly longer.  Her car seat allows for rear facing up to 40lbs

It is 100% safer to keep your child rear facing because in the event of an accident, they have a much less chance of being injured.
Most babies get internally decapitated in car accidents because their little spine and brain stem are still too flexible and can't take the force of whip lash.

Extended rear facing (or ERF) is something I am very passionate about and something I am hoping to spread the word about.  Most people just know the 1 and 20 rule and don't know there is another choice, a safer choice.
You can learn more about ERF at:

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