Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toys and Stuff:

Sometimes I am amazed at how Alanna can already role play so well at just 18 months.  
Her imagination is so big.

She makes the "gulp gulp" sound when she is drinking from a pretend cup in her little kitchen.  She also knows how to make coffee in her pretend coffee maker.  I guess she sees me do it every morning so I shouldn't be surprised.
It's just amazing to me how much she imitates what she sees on a daily basis.

Yesterday, she got a bath toy and pretended to roll it under her armpits like deodorant!

We bought her a toy doctor kit and she knows what each instrument is for and what to do with it.
  She even tells us to say "ahhhhh".
I get anywhere from 10-20 shots a day now.  Maybe letting her pretend like this means she won't be so afraid at the doctors office next time.
Our last visit was VERY traumatic.

For Valentine's Day we gave her a princess dress up kit.  The little shoes have just a tiny heel on them and she put them on and started walking like she had been doing it all her life. 
I think her favorite part was the jewelry.  
She wanted to wear it to bed but this mean old mom wouldn't let her.
My favorite part was when she wanted the dog to wear the tiara!  HAHA!  
That poor dog has to put up with a lot these days.
Who needs a sibling when you have a dog that lets you dress her up?!?

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