Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Party: Part 2

 Putting the hissing cockroaches IN THEIR MOUTHS!!!!
 Touching the SCORPION!  The only way I'd touch that thing would be with the heal of my boot!!!
 Holding the turtle!  
Only the birthday girl got to do it. =)
 Daddy tried to get Alanna to touch the snake.  Papa even touched it, but Alanna wanted nothing to do with it.  Later she told us she is scared of snakes now and doesn't like them.
 Alanna's favorite part of the day, was getting to hold the ferret on her lap!  She still talks about it.

 They put a dead mouse on the end of those blue tongs and daddy helped Alanna feed it to the fox.  He snatched it so fast that he looks like a blur.

This guy is SO HUGE and just grosses me out every time I see him.  YUCK!  His head is bigger than both of my fists together! 


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