Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts: Birthday Part 3

 Nana and Papa got her this big castle that she can decorate herself!  Along with some clothes, boots, books, a puppy purse and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else.  LOL!

 Skyping with Mamaw and Papaw and they got her LOTS of clothes and jammies and a pretty dress and some fun dry erase boards and crayons/markers!  Also her new gymnastics leotard.  YAY!
This is "Baby Shyne" that was only two weeks old at her party last year.  She is getting so big!

 My friend crocheted this adorable hat and matching bag.
 Thanks Ms. April for the umbrella and cute clothes!!
We have some very sweet and talented friend for sure!  Alanna was overwhelmed with all of her gifts.  She has gotten three more since her party and one more to come!  WOW!!!  I might hide some for awhile and get them back out around Christmas!  HAHA!

I also want to mention that Grammy and Grandpa sent her some jammies and markers but I didn't get a picture of her opening it. =(

Thanks everyone!!!!  You made her day!!!

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