Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daddy Likes Purple:

We've started a rewards chart with Alanna for good behavior and after she gets 10 points, she gets to choose a fun activity.  This is the first time she got to 10 and she chose to paint nails in the living room.  I was prepared for her to paint mine, but she TOTALLY wanted to paint daddy's instead!!!  Shock of all shocks, he let her!  
She chose pink for one side and purple for the other.  She tried so hard to do a great job.  For the most part, she did!  You can see how hard she is concentrating above.
Then it turned into this!  HAHA, poor daddy.  He was such a good sport.
 At least hers turned out cute!  She requested purple toes with pink sparkles and green on her fingers with purple sparkles.  She's a girl that knows what she wants!!

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