Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Darn you marketers:

I have recently noticed how smart marketers are with putting characters on boxes.  OF COURSE the children will beg their parents to buy them, even if they don't like what's in the boxToday we saw a package of prunes with Got-Gah on them!  Prunes, really?!?

And of course these items are at perfect eye level with the child in the cart.  Smart move.  I counted at least 6 things today with the Disney characters on them and well over 15 with other characters.
It's funny because Alanna wanted prunes, which she's tried and spit out.  She wanted yogurt, but she can't have cow's milk.  She saw fruit roll-ups, but we don't give her high fructose corn syrup. And to top it all off, the line we checked out in had a HUGE Mickey balloon above the magazines!  None of these things she really wanted, it was just the Got-Gah on it that she wanted!  Well, maybe the balloon...

And P.S. I though the begging didn't start until like 3 or so?!?  So as of today, the grocery run just became like 100 times harder to do.  

Darn you marketers, darn you!

P.S Someone gave Alanna a Mickey Mouse watch and when I ripped the package open to get the watch out, Alanna was heartbroken that it ripped the picture of Mickey.  She carried around that darn piece of trash for a good 4 hours.  Oh my.

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  1. Oh my goodness, she's really got it bad for Mickey!