Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Field Trip:

Today we took a field trip with our Mom's Club.
We loaded up and went to the local fire station.
I wasn't sure if Alanna was really old enough to get what it was all about but let me just tell you, this girl was right up there with all the boys!  
She loved the place!  
And just like her mom, she had to touch EVERYTHING!

One of the nice firemen let Alanna hold his hat.  She would not look at me and would only look at him.  He told her that she was cute and that she had "fire red" hair.  =)

At one point during the tour, Alanna got down like this and looked under the fire truck.  She then stood up and yelled "YUCK!"  
It was super funny and we all laughed.
No idea what was so gross under there but I wasn't gonna get down there and find out.  LOL!

Silly girl.

They dressed up in their full gear for us and then passed out these adorable fire hats to all the kids.
Alanna left hers on and didn't want to take it off.
(and doesn't she just look teeny compared to that huge tire?!?)

I also learned something really interesting while I was there; the firemen leave their pants and jacket out like this so that they can literally jump into them while they are getting into the truck.

  She was VERY concerned for this "guy" and kept saying "uh oh mommy."  I told her it was a dummy and she instantly repeated "dummy!"  Oh great...I should have thought that over a little longer.

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