Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun and Random Facts about Alanna:

1. When we are grocery shopping and get anywhere close to the milk, she will start mooing.  How she knows to do this is beyond me.  She doesn't drink the stuff.

2. Alanna LOVES to carry Got-Gah and Minnie around by their tails.  They make good handles.

3. Alanna had 15 small tomatoes for dinner last night.  No joke!  She also had chicken, pineapple, and some lettuce. 

4.  Alanna just now starting sleeping through the night at 18 months old.  Don't be jealous. 

5. Someone asked her today how old she was and she said "one, two, three."

6.  Alanna is a sleep talker!!  Two days ago, it was probably around midnight, and she yelled out "crack-oo." (that's cracker)  I went in to tell her that she could not eat that late and she was snoring.


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