Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I love Wednesday:

 Our mall has this play area that is just for little kids.
It's an all soft play area and the kids have to take their shoes off.  Seriously, the carpet is like bouncy it's so thick.  If you look on the right top side you can see the booth type seating that goes 
all the way around it.  There is only one entrance and exit.

The little bridge to the left of Alanna is her favorite thing.  It's a little slide that she can get on and go down all by herself.  I love this place because it's inside and safe and fun.  Big kids can't run her over like the other play areas and the equipment is little kid friendly and doesn't get super scorching hot like at the park.

We come here at least once a week for our Mom's Club playgroup.  
I love it!

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