Thursday, March 3, 2011

New words:

Here are some new words that I can add to Alanna's list of words she says daily.  I have stopped counting how many words she knows and can say because she talks non stop now!

1. Peent = pink (I am pretty sure this is her fav color!)

2. Fort = fork

3. Poon = Spoon

4.  Mik = Milk

5. ehpant = elephant

She is not only saying new words daily, but she is also talking in short phrases now too.  It's the cutest thing.
1. More please Mommy.

2. Where it at?

3. Ah ha, down.  or Ah ha, no no. (Asha...the dog)

4. My daddy/mommy/gee gee  (lots of words have "my" before it now)

5. Brrrr, cold.

6. Go, go, hurry, hurry.
I call this picture her 'crooked grin'.  She does this ALL THE TIME now when she sees the camera.

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