Thursday, March 10, 2011


Got-Gah is how Alanna says "hotdog."

"Hotdog" is the word she says for Mickey Mouse because he says hotdog all the time and does the hotdog dance.  I don't just works.

Alanna LOVES Got-Gah and she has a steady date with him every morning at 8am on Disney Junior while mommy makes eggs.  Everyday. 

 She is mesmerized and doesn't leave this spot until it's over.  She has even learned to count to five and can recognize several of her colors because of Got-Gah. 

So I don't feel bad one bit about letting her watch it.
Okay, maybe ONE bit but definitely not two.

She even waves to him at the end and says "bye bye Got-Gah".  It's the cutest thing!  Bless her little heart. (we say that in Texas a lot.  Lots of hearts get blessed down here.)


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