Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Got-Gaw Gets Dinner:

Got-Gah goes with us everywhere!
The nice lady at IHOP totally made Alanna's day when she brought over a booster seat 
for him and acted like she was taking his order when she took ours.  SO CUTE!!
Alanna scooted the chair as close as it would get to hers and kept 
one had on him for 90% of the time.

She SERIOUSLY loves Got-Gah.

On a different note:  Her hair totally has a mind of it's own!  I can brush it, wet it, etc and it still develops those wings on the side!!  Sometimes I think people look at me like I should brush my poor child's hair.  I just call it her 'wild Alanna hair."

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  1. Like I called yours "that wild Emily hair"!!