Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christmas in June:

A couple of nights ago, Alanna insisted that she wear her 'bog' (frog) pajamas.  I was in shock because every night she chooses her Minnie jammies.

The problem, is that the frog jammies are heavy duty flannel and it's one hundred million degrees in Texas.  Most nights it gets down to 99* by 9pm and around 90* (if we are lucky)by midnight.
These are NOT summer jammies.

Plus, they have frogs with Santa hats on them and little snow men next to them.  And snowflakes.  
Oh I how miss the snowflakes of Nebraska right about now.  But being the ever cool mama that I am, I let her wear the 'bog' jammies.  

Even if they are a little out of season.

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