Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Open, Close, Open, Close:

One of Alanna's new favorite games is the "open, close" game.  ANYTHING that can be opened and closed will work.  Trash can, door, diaper genie, toilet lid, etc.

 She also plays this game with the light switches but it's called the "on, off" game. The good news is, she is learning her opposites!  The bad news is,it gets old really quickly.

P.S. Totally random...but as I was sitting here typing this post, I felt something on the top of my head.  Kinda like something had jumped on there.  I reached up and it fell onto my shirt.  A NASTY Texas bug of some sort.  I dance and wiggle and scream and flail around and when I make sure he is good and dead, I come back to find all kinds of sentences that I accidentally typed during my little fit. (kinda like this 'asldkgjsalrkeg; khbgalskec lasdjkhg') I almost left it but it probably wouldn't be as funny to you since you didn't get to see the whole thing.  I. HATE. BUGS.

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