Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Time Fun:

We bought a small blow up pool for Alanna, but it's big enough that all three of us can get in.  So far, we've gone swimming every single day since we bought it!  It's a great way to beat the 104 degree heat here in Texas and it's just plain fun.

 Look at little miss drama queen up there!  HAHA!
I said "smile for a picture Alanna" and she bent backward like that and said "NOOOOO Pich-ah."

She just looked too cute in her little swim suit.  Whenever I change her diaper she begs for me to put on the swim diaper instead.  This girl LOVES to swim.  She just doesn't understand why the dog can't get in the pool with us. Oh my....that would be a HUGE disaster not to mention mess.

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