Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Cleaning Lady:

I bought this tiny little travel size spray bottle at Wal-Mart so that Alanna could help me 'clean' around the house.  She does a GREAT job!  Give that girl a paper towel and her bottle of water and she goes to town!  
Then....she spied the big spray bottle in the kitchen and suddenly her little travel bottle wasn't good enough.

 This big spray bottle sprays A LOT of water!!  She was soaking the couch, the walls, the dog, etc.  We decided that the swing set outside needed to be cleaned instead.
 She is very thorough and does a great job.  It was comical to watch because that big bottle requires her to use both hands and a scrunched up nose to get it spray out.
A job well done!
Now if can just train her to scrub toilets we will be all set!

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