Thursday, June 30, 2011

***My post for yesterday didn't save, and thusly didn't I will have to rewrite it another time.***

Alanna's Potty Chart:

 We took Alanna to the Dollar Store and let her pick out her very own big girl stickers.  This was a fabulous idea because now she can't wait to put them on her chart!

Tonight, I told her she was just one sticker away from reaching the star and that when she reached the star, we get to go shopping for a prize.

She was VERY excited and started thinking about what she wanted as a prize.  First she said "book" with her little thumb up.  This made her daddy VERY proud.  But then she quickly added "and purse, and lion hat ROAAAAAAR!"  Oh my.  I can't even make this stuff up.  She is just so funny.  
Where do I go to find a lion hat?!? 

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