Tuesday, June 28, 2011

YAY, POO POO: (caution - May be TMI...stop reading if this title grosses you out!)

We have had a potty chair since Alanna was 13 months old.  I've just always let her decide if and when to use it.  Never pushing her to go.

I did try one weekend to do the "bottomless" thing and we just ended up with a power struggle and wet carpet.  I knew she just wasn't quite ready.
I've always heard to let your child decide when they are ready to potty train, so I've been pretty casual about the potty ever since the 'no diaper weekend.'

Well, yesterday Alanna came to me and said "potty mommy!"  As long as it is HER idea she always goes.  We ran to the bathroom and sure enough she went!  We always have a small parade with marching, dancing, treats, and stickers when she potties.  It's pretty comical.  We usually have to call someone too.
(whatever works!)

She must have enjoyed the attention because exactly 30 minutes after her poo poo success, she told me she needed to go again.  I didn't believe her until she said it a second and third time.  Bless her little heart, she sat there and turned beet red trying to go again.  She finally got something the size of a pebble out but we celebrated all over again.   Success is success, right?!?

I only had to change one wet diaper yesterday and the rest of the day she went on her potty! YAY!  Could it be that she is finally ready?!?   I don't want to celebrate too quickly, as this could be a short little phase.  But I'm hoping this is the beginning of our end with diapers!  YIPPEE!
**However.......after she poo poo'd on the potty the first time, and we danced and marched.....she promptly ran to her daddy's closed and peed in it. =/
Just keep your fingers crossed for us.  

Eating her popsicle after a potty success!
(she looks SOO much like her daddy in this pic!)


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